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Is this your online Money Making Strategy???

Napoleon Hill stated that “It takes half your life before you discover life is a do-it-yourselfDYI project.” Well, no matter your stage of life, online marketing soon becomes a do-it-yourself project.  It is left up to you to decide on the best money making strategy for your niche.

If your online money making strategy look like the picture above, it may need a little help through training.

When I started online marketing seemed easy enough, just pick a product and if it is popular, select it, list it, and it would sell.  Then, as so many gurus would have you believe, rinse and repeat for continued success.  It was an easy procedure, right?  Wrong! I sold nothing for the first year in affiliate marketing!

Still wanting to focus on affiliate marketing,at the advice of a someone in one of my networks,I visited Wealthy Affiliate.  He was a member an

Finding the Correct Strategy

d enjoyed the experience…even made some money, as a result of the training, mentoring, and the community.

Through WA, I soon found a strategy that, if followed, ensured success.  I learned about marketing my website and sales, along with niche identification, website development, tracking, and content.  Learning to create a workable plan myself, helped me MARKETING STRATEGYstructure a stable process that I have confidence will ensure the longevity of my business success in online marketing.

The truth is that strategies evolve because of changes in niche management and the web environment.  Internet marketing platforms change their algorithms regularly, which means that a successful campaign may become a faint memory if you are not up to date on the latest trends of performance.

The first step in building a strategy is to know that it may take testing, time and patience to make a consistent profit online.

  • Finding a profitable niche
  • Building a professional site
  • Developing content
  • Finding the right keywords
  • Finding prospective customers

The right niche:

Finding a profitable niche can be easy if working with an affiliate vendor.  Many times there are ratings on the vendor’s site to let you know if the product is selling well.

Building a professional site:

WordPress sites are the easiest for marketers to build themselves as there is no code to learn.  Because you develop the site, you can change it when you want.  You can also test various color, styles, and themes before making a final choice.  Many of the plug-ins are free to use.

Developing content:

Developing content can be time-consuming.  It is important that you write content that will rank well and will be easily read by your prospective customer or client.  You must use caution when using keywords within your content as well.


Researching and testing demographics is the fun part of the exercise.  There are various sites that offer demographic information that allows you to create a customer profile for your campaign.

In most cases developing a monetizing strategy is not accomplished overnight; however, once finished, you will, have a feeling of accomplishment in knowing that you created a site that will attract customers, will rank high in search engines, and will hopefully pay for itself.

The last three things in building a money making strategy:

Stay committed
Get training
Work hard

The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.
-Tony Robbins

WandLet’s take the mystery out of affiliate marketing!

Your money making strategy does not have to be unorganized, with the right training you can produce a strategy that can effortlessly be adjusted for environmental changes and have timeless stability.  Click on the banner below to learn what I know about making money on line.

Thank you for visiting my site. Please leave your questions or comments in the section  below or visit me at Wealthy Affiliate.  My user name is dhicks35

All the best,
Della Hicks
Owner of Axial Marketing



6 thoughts on “Money Making Strategy”

  1. You help distinguish reality from fantasy. You know prior to reading this article I always thought affiliate marketing was so easy even without the right level of training. But you have made me realize that I will be left with nothing after a year or two of signing up with an affiliate program if I don’t get the right training. Thanks for suggesting Wealthy Affiliate. I hope they can help me become a profitable online marketer

    1. Dear Fidel,
      Thank you for visiting my site. Even the most expert internet marketers admit that they had help in becoming successful. Wealthy Affiliate will help you through their many training sessions…just follow the lessons one at a time. My user name there is dhicks35. Look for me when you register. I will look out for you as well.
      To your success,
      Della Hicks

  2. Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate myself I know that is the best training program for newbies or experts. Our education is the first step on succeeding online and Wealthy Affiliate is the best training program. Wish you all the best

    1. Anastasia,
      Thank you for your comment. Yes – Wealthy Affiliate offers training that builds an internet marketing foundation.
      Thanks again.

  3. This is great information! In my past life – I fell for that rinse and repeat cycle of earning residual income. Time after time I failed. Then I realized, it wasn’t me that was failing… I was lacking proper training and real information as to the true concept of online success. I also realized that time is money – and I had to spend quality time mixed with long-term planning and realistic expectations to make my dream a reality.

    Thank you for sharing Wealthy Affiliate with us and for explaining the concept of affiliate marketing and for also showing us a strategy for success. I see a lot of value in what you’ve shared with us today.

    1. Hi Sheila, Thank you for your comment. Many of us have been there, using a weak, out of date, or fraudulent training platforms culminating in a recipe for failure.

      It has been my pleasure to share Wealthy Affiliate with readers. In contrast to some programs, Wealthy Affiliate uses a model of video and live training in addition to a learning community that increases the knowledge base of the organization. Commitment and consistency in posting are still necessary for success; however with the easy to understand the training the possibility of success is available.

      I applaud your success strategy and wish you continued advances with your endeavor.

      All the best,

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